Descriptive Essay Topics For 4th Grade

Make your reader see, smell, hear and feel with these inspirational descriptive essay topics! We’ve collected 50 descriptive essay topics to sprout some flowery language. Our essay topics are designed to spark creative thinking and can be modified for students in elementary, middle and high school. They are grouped by topic for easy student and teacher reference. Feel free to print the entire list for plenty of inspiration for your next descriptive essay assignment!

Place Essay Topics

  1. Describe your favorite place.
  2. Describe your ideal bedroom.
  3. Describe the house in which you grew up.
  4. Describe what the first house on the moon would look like.
  5. Describe some of your favorite places in your hometown.
  6. Describe a peaceful place that you’ve visited.
  7. Describe a place that exists only in your imagination.
  8. Describe a friend’s or family member’s house where you enjoy spending time.
  9. Describe your perfect fantasy vacation destination.
  10. Describe your favorite store.
  11. Describe your favorite teacher’s classroom.
  12. Describe a museum that you’ve visited recently.
  13. Describe a place you have dreamed about that doesn’t exist in real life.
  14. Describe a place where your pet likes spending time.
  15. Describe an outdoor place that you know well.

People Essay Topics

  1. Describe your favorite person.
  2. Describe each of your family members.
  3. Describe a famous person that you would like to meet.
  4. Describe one of your friends.
  5. Describe one aspect of someone that you like (for example: laugh, style of dress, words that the person likes to use, etc.)
  6. Describe yourself to someone who has never met you.
  7. Describe the average human to an alien who has never before seen a person.
  8. Describe your pet.
  9. Look at some old family photos and describe an older family member as he or she was when at your age.
  10. Describe someone whom you miss.

Object Essay Topics

  1. Describe an object that is special to you.
  2. Give a tour of one room in your house by describing the most important objects in that room.
  3. Describe one of your favorite outfits.
  4. Describe your favorite toy as a child.
  5. Describe how you get around (for example: a bicycle, skateboard, sneakers, your parents’ car, the school bus).
  6. Describe your favorite piece of furniture where you like to spend time and relax.
  7. Describe something that you would bury in a time capsule to tell people about what life is like today.
  8. Describe an object that has been in your family for a long time.
  9. Choose a piece of food to eat; then, write a description of it that includes the way it looks, smells and tastes.
  10. Describe a smartphone to a time traveler from the 1900s.

Memories Essay Topics

  1. Describe your oldest memory.
  2. Describe your best summer vacation.
  3. Describe a memorable concert you attended.
  4. Describe a memorable trip you took.
  5. Describe a special time that you and your family had together.
  6. Describe the first time you met one of your friends.
  7. Describe a time you met someone famous.
  8. Describe one of your happiest memories.
  9. Describe one of your saddest memories.
  10. Describe a time that you felt scared.
  11. Describe a time that you felt excited.
  12. Describe a time that something totally unexpected happened.
  13. Describe a memory of someone whom you miss.
  14. Describe one of your most memorable first days of school.
  15. Describe one of your most embarrassing moments.

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4th Grade Narrative Essay Topics: 20 Attention-Grabbing Ideas

Essays are the most vivid critical analysis of any incident or thing that happens around us. We have been made to write essays since our childhood. The topics has evolved with time and the so the complexities along with it. We would have always loved to write one as it would have given us the sense of being a critic. We could openly criticize anything with the mind-set that we have within us, and no one is going to stop us.

There are many format of essays form argumentative to persuasive, from expository to contrast and compare. But the odd one in it is the descriptive or the narrative one.

What is a narrative essay?

This is a form of write up where you get to describe certain incident or story in your own version. You are to talk about this entire incident in the first person basis without refereeing from any second or third person basis.

20 attention grabbing topics of 4th grade narrative essay:

  1. The journey to the lost city.
  2. The meal which I would love to have all day long.
  3. If I would have been a time traveller, where would I have gone?
  4. The weirdest thing that I have ever seen in my life.
  5. If I would have been an animal, what would it have been?
  6. If I could have been someone else for one day, whom I would have wished for to be?
  7. If I would have the capability to see only one colour, which would have it been?
  8. The one thing I would want to change about myself and why?
  9. The place of my dream where I would love to visit.
  10. The secret place at my bunker.
  11. The best kept secret about my life which nobody knows.
  12. Something I would have liked to invent.
  13. The weirdest incident that I have ever seen in my life.
  14. One super power that I would have love to have in me.
  15. The things that I would have done if I were invisible.
  16. If I would have been elected as the president of the country.
  17. The most beautiful thing in the world that I have ever encountered with.
  18. A lesson that was important for me.
  19. The most significant memory that I have of my childhood.
  20. A job that i would love to do when I grow up.

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