Things That Make Me Laugh Essay

Cats in clothes.   When we were growing up we always had a plethora of cats around.  One of the favorite things to do was to put them in doll clothes.  I am not sure how smart that was but it was fun to see our “Mama to Many Kittens -Peek” modeling a dress.  The boy cats did not get left out.  I still have memories of stacking model car tires on tails of poor unsuspecting cats and watching them flip them all over the yard. There was technique to it because you had to hold the tip of the tail just so and slide the tires on the tail without letting go before you were ready.  It never got old.

Llamas.   When Chris and I were newly married we visited Busch Gardens and marveled at the animals there.  One of my favorite areas was the llama pen.  You could buy crackers to feed the llamas and of course I whined enough that Chris bought me some to feed them.  After one particularly hungry llama finished what I had to give him I noticed a sign on the fence.  I read it aloud because of course, that is what I do and it said “Caution, Llamas sometimes spit.”  As the words came out of my mouth the llama spit directly at Chris —blowing his sunglasses off with such force that we had to look around to locate them.  I still laugh hysterically when I think about this.  It was one of those moments that I wished there had been a hidden video camera.  The best part was that when we found the sunglasses there were flecks of chewed up crackers on them.  Chris still does not forgive me for falling apart when that incident happened and he is probably rolling his eyes now as he reads this.  I’m not sorry.  It was hysterical. Still is. 

Scaring people–namely Chris.  To look at me would you think I was a jokester?  I have my moments. I love to jump out at Chris and scare him. I know it is juvenile and these days he tells me that I will give him a heart attack so I have had to scale back a bit but come on—–it is funny to see him jump when I suddenly appear in front of him.

Recalling a “lie” that I perpetrated.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a proponent of lying.  That was one thing that I always stressed to our boys.  Lying is not right and does not get you anywhere in life.  But……I did pull one off for quite a while and once again it was with the husband.   Somewhere along the way when we were dating I mentioned in passing that I was part Native American on my Grandma Bonnie’s side.  Why I did that I have no idea but at the time it was a fun little joke.  I really must have been convincing because he fell for it–hook, line and sinker.  Then he asked my Grandma if she could do a rain dance.  End of the ruse.   I still crack up when I think that I had him on that one for so long.

Grumpy Cat.  Never ceases to make me giggle when I see a Grumpy Cat anything.  Including my weather app on my phone.

Certain words.  I imagine you have some of them, too.  Words that just make you laugh.  Words like “titilate”, “buttocks”, “fortnight” and “whilst” to name a few.  I imagine you have some of your own to add.

Squirrels.  I know that they are a pest but honestly they are so creative when they get into my feeders. They leap and jump and hang upside down. How can I not laugh?

What makes you laugh?  I can always use a laugh  so tell me in the comments wha makes you laugh the hardest.  All comments on the blog this month mean a 50 cent donation to the Highland Youth Garden for our Comments for a Cause.


Laughter is a positive emotion that is triggered by a joke, being tickled, seeing funny appearances or physical actions, hearing funny voices and seeing various facial expressions .Laughter gets rid of all your stress hormones. Furthermore humour can be developed over time.

When I was younger, I found many various things funny. Sponge bob, in particular was one of the many shows that made me chortle. The physical actions, appearances and the verbal communication made me laugh my head off, as the characters were extravagant colours and cracked many humorous jokes through out the show. The chemistry between the characters sponge bob and Patrick was so unique and different that I started laughing before the programme even began.

As I grew older, I didn’t find sponge bob humorous instead I started to enjoy different comedy films and programmes like Despicable Me. Despicable Me made me cry my eyes out in laughter as the costumes and the way the characters were made were hilarious. There were little creatures that were bright yellow, tiny and had one huge eye. Furthermore these creatures spoke gibberish which made me laugh even harder. The fact adults were saying all these things made me roll on the floor and chuckle.

Eventually, I grew out of despicable me. Now I watch Mr.Bean which is sitcom humour. I find Mr.Beans humour is very effective as he shows comedy not verbally but physically. The way he walks and the facial expressions he makes are exhilarated. His stupidity is also very amusing as he uses no logic.

My family are very funny; my dad particular simply because he pulls funny faces and dances. It is very witty how my dad impersonates and mocks people like the queen, Presidents and Alan Carr. As he changes his voice, moves and makes facial expressions. It is really funny how 8 out of the 10 cats also mock politics and classes.

What I really don’t find funny is old plays like The Importance Of Being Ernest that have subtle humour material. The humour is not strong and doesn’t crack me up at all. Also I find it funny when you can see the comedy. I find reading comedy wears the humour off.I also find jokes that are really old cheesy, as everyone knows the jokes like why did the chicken cross the road because it had to get on to the other side. This is poor material I, like new and exciting material.

To conclude everyone finds different things funny. As humour, develops through time and some people prefer verbal comedy or slap stick comedy.However I find a really good sitcom ,a great programme ,a hillarious film and a entertaining comedian funny.

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