Asus N750jk T4187h Analysis Essay

Asus Industry Analysis Essay

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Executive Summary
* Segmentations served * Strategies used (B2B) * Competitive Advantages * SWOT
* Trends * Segmentation * Opportunities & Threats
* Porters Five Forces * Direct competitors * Competitive Trends
* Balance of Power * Key Relationships * Technology * Opportunities & Threats
* State/Federal regulations * Domestic/International Regulations * Governmental * Conclusion * References

Computer Inc.

Industry Analysis

Group Members:
C. McGlothen
M. DelliQuadri
G. Hall
P. Clark
J. Robinson

MKTG 4540-001
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Demand and Competition
Despite growing consumer demand for PCs and tablets, industry profit will continue to fall because of intense price competition. To boost profitability, manufacturers will shift their focus away from consumer PC sales to more enterprise-oriented offerings, such as servers. The proliferation of cloud computing will prompt companies to increase their server investments.

Analyzing Industry Attractiveness
Porters 5 Forces of Competition: 1. In a continuously growing industry ASUSTek finds itself among large amounts of competition. Its direct rivals include Apple Inc., Dell, and HP. 2. Threat of substitutes is low due to a very brand loyal industry with the top 5 manufacturers holding over half of the market share. 3. Threat of new entrants is low considering the top competitors are so powerful. Computer Technology as an industry that see’s new companies entering and exiting each year, but brand loyal customers who demand cutting edge technology stick with those powerful manufacturers. 4. There isn’t a certain supplier that has control over the market. 5. There is not one customer in particular that has an effect on this industry.
Technology: In recent years technological advances have assisted everyone from parents, to businesses and their employees in simplifying everyday tasks. Advanced PC’s, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones of recent years have started becoming our main source

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