A Broken Arm Case Study

List what you learned/know about each of the characters in the case.Hellen is an English teacher who has 20 years of middle school experience, and high academic standards for her students. Hellen is not happy about her new employment situation and is not excited about having to share a class with another teacher. She is an overly controlling individual who has little to no experience teaching special needs students at the high school level. Hellen also shows a lack of ability to compromise and collaborate with her new coworker and asserted herself as the primary English teacher. Mary is a teacher who has 15 years of experience, 5 of which in the field of special education as a resource teacher who was very excited to start the year off collaborating with another teacher. Mary is a vary passive individual who doesn’t want to stir the pot. While she is amore student-centered teacher who values relationship, she lacks the assertiveness to confront her coworker and takes on the role of monitoring the class while Helen teaches. Jim is a 17-year-old student in Helen and Mary’s class who was born prematurely. Though he had no other complications at birth he has developed some language learning delays, and auditory processing deficits. In the 2ndgrade Jim was enrolled in a special education programfor students with learning disabilities. After receiving support and instructional modifications Jim


1. List what you learned about each of the characters in the case. What do you think is motivating the thoughts and actions of each of the characters? Jim O’Hara is a student at Crossroads High School who is in the co-taught English class of Helen and Mary. Jim has language learning delays and auditory processing deficits. Due to support throughout school, Jim has kept up with his classmates. He begins to struggle in Mary’s English class, however, because he is expected to remember the exact spelling of twelve words a week; this proves to be something that Jim simply cannot do without modification, and he fails each test. The results of the test are posted for the whole class to see. Jim begins to miss class, presumably from feeling embarrassed and like a failure. Mary King has taught at CHS for five years, out of the fifteen years she has been teaching. Mary is soft-spoken and sensitive, who creates a safe place for students and is admired for her collaboration and tranquility. Mary ends up co-teaching with Helen. Mary approaches Helen to plan and discuss roles, to which Helen responds that she has it all figured out, and Mary will be there as a support for those students who need it, which Mary accepts. The school year begins and soon Mary notices that Jim is struggling with the spelling work. Since the spelling tests are so heavily weighted, Mary begins to worry that Jim will not pass the class which will hurt his chances of graduating and his goal of going to college. Mary is a person who genuinely cares about the success of her students and

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