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Three captured first-place honors in the 2015 National Essay Contest. Two more students received third-place awards and four received awards of merit. More than 220 elementary and middle school students from across the U.S. took part in the November contest.

“At JEI Learning, we strive to unlock the potential of our students and help each one excel,” said the center’s director, Dr. Julia Guo. “These awards reflect the hard work of our students and the commitment of our teachers. I am so proud of them all!”

The students winning first-place awards were: Emma Xing of Livingston (second grade); Vera Li of Livingston (sixth grade); and Joyce He of Livingston (seventh grade).

Third-place honors went to Avery Li of Livingston (third grade) and Kevin Ha of Livingston (fourth grade).

Four other students received awards of merit: Christopher Fu of Short Hills (second grade); Sydney Chang of Livingston (fifth grade); Eirian Huang of Livingston (sixth grade); and Kailing Sathyanath of Chatham Township (seventh grade).

“It’s rewarding to have so many of our students recognized,” said Dr. Guo. “Writing is a critical skill – one that helps students achieve throughout their school years and later in their careers. Good writing is not just about creativity. It also requires logical thinking, excellent grammar and a broad vocabulary. We focus on all those aspects so that each student can become the best writer he or she can be.”

The JEI essay contest measured students’ ability to complete writing tasks over the course of 50 minutes. Grades two through five responded to a prompt where they voiced their own opinion on a hypothetical situation. Grades six and seven had to analyze poems; students needed to synthesize the information they gathered and present their own interpretations of the author’s intent.

JEI Livingston Learning Center was established in 2014 by Dr. Julia Guo, who draws on her prior experience as a Ph.D. scientist at NYU and MIT to bring her unique innovation to the education realm. Julia’s passion for education extends to every teacher she hires; every member of JEI Livingston’s faculty and staff shares her love of learning and dedication to their students. Dr. Guo has made writing the focus of JEI Livingston, as she believes that a strong literary foundation is the key to long-term success.

JEI Livingston Learning Center believes that all children can achieve “a better life through better education.” In addition to its unique Reading & Writing course, JEI Livingston offers programs in English, Math, Math Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking. In JEI Afterschool, students receive one-on-one support from tutors as they complete their school and JEI homework assignments.

To learn more about JEI Livingston, please visit us at 97A South Livingston Avenue in Livingston, New Jersey or call us at 855-JEI-Tutor. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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