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Introduction In todays’ society many Americans never think about our foster care system. Foster care is when a child is temporarily placed with another family. This child may have been abused, neglected, or may be a child who is dependent and can survive on their own but needs a place to stay. Normally the child parents are sick, alcohol or drug abusers, or may even be homeless themselves. We have forgotten about the thousands of children who are without families and living in foster homes. Many do not even know how foster care came about. A few of the earliest documentation of foster care can be found in the Old Testament. The Christian church put children into homes with widowers and then paid them using collection from the church…show more content…

He then advertised in the South and West for families willing to accept these children into their homes for free. Many of the homes used children as indentured servants; however, this began the foster care movement as it is today. This society prompted many secretarial social agencies and state governments to become interested and participate in foster hone placements.
Massachusetts along with two other stats Pennsylvania and South Dakota led this revolutionary movement. Before 1865 Massachusetts began to pay families with foster children who were too young to live on their own. In 1885, Pennsylvania was the first to pass a license law. This made it a misdemeanor to care for two or more foster children without a license. The Children’s Home Society began receiving subsidies from the state of South Dakota after they were organized in 1893 for their public child care work. It was not until the 1900’s when social agencies began to supervise foster parents. When it began time to make placements children individual needs were considered. The federal government began supporting state inspections, and records were kept and well organized. In order to better help the child return home, services were often provided to natural families, this also allowed foster parents to become part of a more professional team. Many of them worked harder to find permanent homes for dependent children (NFPA, 2013).
This is a very important problem in today’s society. Foster homes are

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gangs to ll that ga!- 'his oers them a sense o, (elonging# su!!ort# !rote+tion# ,ood# shelter and money- ll these things are im!ortant ne+essities that everyone needs and e!e+ts ,rom a ,amily- n,ortunately this 2*amily3 o!ens them u! to a li,e o, +rime# drugs and violen+e- Cha!in Hall at the niversity o, Chi+ago# suggests even having a +lose and +aring relationshi! with at least one adult is an im!ortant !rote+tive ,a+tor# ,rom entering ali,e that +an lead to addi+tion# 7ail time and even death- 'his +ould (e a !revious ,oster !arent or even a so+ial worker who +ontinues to oer su!!ort and guidan+e- )hoever it is# the young adults leaving the ,oster +are system need to know that they are +ared a(out and loved (y someone# so they do not go looking ,or that love and +are in the wrong !la+es- Some Might )ant to Disagree)e are strongly suggesting these young adults who have aged out o, ,oster +are arestruggling (e+ause they do not have the su!!ort and +onne+tion that +omes with (eing !art o, a ,amily- However# not everyone would agree with us- 'hrough resear+h we have dis+overed there are multi!le theories a(out why the statisti+s are so low and the short and long term out+omes are so !oor ,or ,oster +hildren- Most !eo!le do not +learly see the dieren+es (etween ,oster +are +hildren and non,oster +are +hildren- 'hey assume these +hildren 7ust do not know how to make good de+isions and +hoi+es- 'hey (elieve the ,oster +are system is !roviding them with adequate !re!aration and resour+es and it is not the ,oster +are system that is ,ailing the +hild (ut the +hild himsel,- Re,erring to the +hild as the !ro(lem and not the system- )hen a young woman aged out o, ,oster +are is %00? more likely to (e+ome !regnant (y the age o, $1 than a young woman never having (een in ,oster+are# the +hild (eing the !ro(lem is sim!ly not true-Some would also like to (elieve that a +hild would 7oin a gang des!ite whether they are in or had (een in ,oster +are or not- Be+ause (oth ,oster +are +hildren and nonI,oster +are +hildren have (een known to 7oin gangs- 'he sim!le ,a+t is# +hildren 7oin gangs to gain a sense o, (elonging# or to have someone they !er+eive as having their (a+k- 'his is a ree+tion o, a +hild/s home li,e# whether in ,oster +are or not-  'hey are looking and desiring a ,amily +onne+tion- nother theory is (e+ause they were taken ,rom their (iologi+al homes there must (e something (iologi+ally wrong with them- Many ,oster +hildren were removed ,rom their homes (e+ause their !arents were addi+ted to drugs and al+ohol or they were a(used or negle+ted- 'hese +hildren are not de,e+tive# their !arents are- 'he stigmatiGing o, the +hild must +ease- 'his stigmatism ,ollows the +hild throughout their li,e and many +hildren (elieve they are ,ollowing in their !arents ,ootste!s and+onsequently (e+ome addi+ts as well- )ith ,a+ts like %0? will (e homeless# go to 7ail or die within a year o, leaving ,oster +are it is a wonder anyone would even +onsider that enough is (eing done ,or these +hildren- @9unnA*inding a Solution

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